Travel Report - NUFU Project University of Dar es Salaam

By professor Gunnar Thorvaldsen, University of Tromsø

I visited the Department of Statistics, University of Dar es Salaam from October 30 to November 5, 2003. The main aim was to discuss the results of the pilot survey study. I also lectured (as asked by the Department) on family and household structure, particularly as represented in the census. In addition I had consultations with doctoral candidate Bonaventure Ngowi who aims to study "The application of the Hazards and Random Effects Models Analysis for Birth Interval Effects on Infant and Child Mortality in Tanzania". His project is well based on statistical methods, and he is currently collecting and studying relevant literature on infant and child mortality. Professors Mbago, Mbonile and Thorvaldsen will act as supervisors.

The pilot study is somewhat delayed, but the results look promising. A number of the questions will be modified in the main survey questionnaire, particularly those on time use which needs less repetition from consecutive days. A point for discussion was the number of persons to be interviewed within each family and household. It was argued that in order to grasp the interaction both husbands' and wives' work roles in complete families ought to be monitored. Ideally also the children's work should be included. The undersigned has given this question much thought and has discussed it here. I strongly support the idea that both spouses are interviewed, but will stress the necessity of doing this separately. As far as the children are concerned, it may take much resources to interview them without getting much feedback. After all the focus of the study is on gender roles rather than household roles. Therefore, I recommend that a specific question about the children's contribution in the household's work load is included in the questionnaire presented to the parents, but that they are not interviewed separately. It was agreed that dr Rugaimukamu calls the next meeting to coordinate further processing of the pilot study. Also, the pilot forms should be processed by the end of 2003, and the results presented in a report in January 2004. The Norwegian Data Center has compiled a Microsoft Access application for data entry which resides with dr Rugaimukamu.

I shall investigate how results and data from the latest World Value Survey which includes respondents in Tanzania, can add to our project. I have made an effort to link Colman Titu, a former student of the Dept of Statistics who is now taking a PhD in Minnesota, with the Census Projects there. I met with dr Eginald Mihanjo of the Department of History and agreed that further talks about historical demography, including a lecture on the Nordic Infant Mortality Decline, will take place during my next visit.

Project coordination was discussed particularly with dr Rugaimukamu and professor Katapa. It was agreed that communicative aspects will be strengthened within the project and that more members of the Department of Statistics will be included, also in future travels that are relevant and necessary for the project. I have also discussed coordinator's roles with director Håkon Fottland of the University of Tromsø, who is in agreement about these points and also the need for continuity in project coordination. I want to thank the staff of the Department of Statistics for their contribution to the pilot study, and particularly professor Katapa and dr Rugaimukamu for helping with my practical arrangements.

Tromsø, November 17 2003
Gunnar Thorvaldsen